Lucrative Writing Jobs For People With Handwriting Skills

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Lucrative Writing Jobs For People With Handwriting Skills

You can typically find several handwriting jobs available in the graphic, fine arts, and creative industries but also in the legal, event and medical industries. As a legal handwriting specialist, such as an attorney, your primary duties will be reviewing documents for evidence of forgery, facsimile and Internet fraud, examining documents for identity theft and forgery, and testimony in court when needed. You may also be asked to review photographs and negatives for clues that the document was not altered after the time of the original signing. As an artistic specialist, you could work as a tattoo artist, designer, or illustrator. If you have excellent writing skills, you could even be a private or public school teacher and teach special projects and classes on how to write good character.

Handwriting jobs in the medical industry are abundant. A medical transcriptionist does typing and speech editing to write reports dictated by doctors and physicians. They type up the reports with standard fonts and locations and then edit the text using calligraphic tools such as the calligraphy pen. When a transcriber is caught out with unclear words or sentences, it is easy for a doctor to know what he is talking about. In calligraphy, letters and characters are created by hand. There are also calligraphers who apply the same techniques to creating computer-generated letters.

There are many career options when you choose to focus on calligraphy. You can become an instructor at calligraphers’ schools or conduct your own business. If you have mastered calligraphy, you may earn a higher salary than other letterpress specialists. You may also consider becoming a freelance writer or editing articles for medical journals. Some calligraphers earn their income off advertising their skills in calligraphy books and DVDs.

One of the most lucrative calligraphy careers is letterpress letterhead design. To become a successful letterhead designer, you will need to know the right type of ink to use, special calligraphy brush and paper, and the right software. Most letterhead designers start out as letterpress beginners. Once they master letterhead design, they can branch out into other types of calligraphy such as carpet-style calligraphy and kerning.

Handwriting jobs are not just for people working in call centers or hospitals. If you have good skills in cursive letters, you can earn a comfortable living from home as a freelance writer. You can also work as a freelancer for website owners to promote their products using your skills in calligraphy.

The good thing about these kinds of typing jobs is that you can work at anytime and from anywhere. Working from home means you can take care of your family and still earn money. Data entry work from home is another popular opportunity for those with nice handwriting and typing abilities to make extra cash.